1. How do I use CHECKWIND.API?

The CHECKWIND.API documentation contains the list of available design APIs as both GET and POST requests. You will need to include a valid CHECKWIND.API key in the request string (for GET requests) or the header (for POST requests) for your request to be successful.

2. How does the CHECKWIND.API licensing work?

CHECKWIND.API is licenced via a monthly subscription. You pay for a specific number of request credits per month which are used each time to make a request. Only successful requests are counted towards your usage quota.

3. Why is the terrain/exposure category detection not always totally accurate?

We’re dependent on the quality of Google Maps data for terrain/exposure category detection. Most new structures are built in or near urban areas where map data tends to be more accurate, and for this reason the detection algorithm is catered towards getting the best possible answers for urban sites.

Regional sites may have less refined map data, leading the detection algorithm to provide less accurate results. However, their isolation usually makes determining the terrain/exposure category straightforward by simply reviewing the satellite imagery.