1. Why can’t activate my licence?

CHECKSTEEL requires an active internet connection to validate licence credentials and manage users. If you are behind a firewall or proxy, you may have trouble connecting to the Revolutio licence server. In such cases, you have some options:

  • Allow CHECKSTEEL to access the internet through your firewall.
  • Open standard HTTP (80) and HTTPS (443) ports.
  • Allow access to and domains.
  • CHECKSTEEL will display a notification warning if it detects a proxy; you can edit the proxy settings by clicking on the notification.

2. How do I use CHECKSTEEL to calculate design capacities of a standard beam?

CHECKSTEEL is intended to be a simple as possible.

  • Select a section Category (e.g. Universal Beam) and Type (Grade 350).
  • Under the DESIGN tab, navigate to the relevant subtabs and enter all relevant design actions. Irrelevant or zero value design actions can be ignored.
  • Click the RESULTS subtab to get a list of all the sections of that Category and Type and the design utilisation ratios for all relevant design action combinations.
  • Double-click on a particular section or click the utilisation figure to view for a full design report for that section.