SPACE GASS + CHECKWIND integration now available

We have been working closely with the team at SPACE GASS for the past year to integrate CHECKWIND’s ground-breaking automatic wind analysis engine with their industry-defining structural analysis software.

You can find out more about the specifics of the integrations here, but the key features include:

  • Generate site-specific wind pressures for any location in seconds from an address or set of coordinates.
  • Access the CHECKWIND functionality directly through SPACE GASS without the need to manually export/import data.
  • Couple with the Portal Frame Builder tool (which automatically converts pressures into frame loads) to drastically reduce your analysis time.

The add-on can be purchased through the fine people at SPACE GASS at a cost of $450 + GST, and is billed in sequence with your existing annual SPACE GASS maintenance.

This is not the same as a standalone CHECKWIND licence. Instead, this is an integration offered within SPACE GASS. The two prododucts are licenced separately. A CHECKWIND desktop licence does not give you access to the SPACE GASS integration, and vice versa.

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