CHECKWIND v7.0.0 released

CHECKWIND v7.0.0 is now live and can be downloaded here. New features and enhancements include:

  • Export results to Excel workbook.
  • Export results to INDUCTA RCB.
  • STRUCTURE: Window openings can now have both horizontal and vertical offsets.
  • SITE: Introduction of ASCE 7-22.
  • SITE: Basic Wind Speeds now interpolated from contour maps as per ASCE 7 Hazard Tool for ASCE 7-16, ASCE 7-22, TIA-222-G and TIA-222-H.
  • SITE: TIA-222-G calculations now reference ASCE 7-16 wind maps instead of ASCE 7-10.
  • PRESSURES: Local Pressure Factor (Kl) now included in automatic Internal Pressure Coefficient (Cp,i) calculations for AS/NZS 1170.2-2021.

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