CHECKPOLE v3.2.0 released

CHECKPOLE v3.2.0 is now live and can be downloaded here. New features and enhancements include:

  • Simplified monopole opening interface enabling users to nominate a specific location along the shaft rather than assigning them to predefined nodes. Files saved in previous versions of CHECKPOLE will have their openings transitioned to the new system automatically, however you will be prompted to review them to ensure the approximations are accurate and make changes as necessary.
  • Specify standard Optus slimline, metropolitan (all types) and regional loadings in a single click.
  • Analyse and design square monopoles.
  • Improved stability of the custom monopole library to prevent CHECKPOLE from crashing if incompatible monopoles are detected. Users will be prompted to delete offending monopoles from their library.
  • Openings now considered in the calculation of the elastic critical buckling load.
  • Torsion now considered in the calculation of base connection bolt shear.
  • Bolt bending calculation for grouted base plates.
  • Improved summary and detailed reporting.
  • Improved CAD parameter exporting to drive CAD applications such as AutoCAD, Inventor and Navisworks.

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