CHECKPOLE v2.0.0 released

CHECKPOLE v2.0.0 is now live and can be downloaded here. It’s a complete rethink of several concepts present from the very beginning. New features and enhancements include:

  • The Wind and Map tabs have been consolidated into a single control panel and integrated with Google Maps for calculating wind loads.
  • Define the extent of averaging zones by clicking on the map.
  • The lag and averaging zones for the Terrain Height Multiplier (Mz,cat) are displayed. Each terrain category has a unique colour.
  • Define the location and extent of shielding structures using satellite imagery and estimate their heights automatically using Google Street View.
  • The shielding zone and shielding structures for the Shielding Multiplier (Ms) are displayed.
  • Calculate the Topographic Multiplier (Mt) for all 8 wind directions instantly. Testing so far has proved promising, but please get in touch if you notice anything strange.
  • Monopole and Fatigue Design tabs now display all cross-sections in a single data table.
  • The monopole library has been updated, and now contains over 200 standard GridComm, Rocla, and Transfield monopoles.
  • An improved pad foundation analysis algorithm which can greatly reduces the analysis time.
  • View currently active licence users in Licence > Details.
  • Support for smaller screen resolutions and high DPI displays.
  • New feedback system: send us a smile (or a frown) and let us know your thoughts!

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